About Us

About DataChambers
DataChambers is a full-service information technology and managed services provider. We specialize in secure, highly available, service driven solutions for your technology management and business continuity needs.  Learn More

Our Facilities
Each of our facilities meet rigorous requirements for security and availability.  Our headquarters in Winston-Salem, N.C., provides two underground, bunkered data centers totaling over 25,000 square feet of raised floor.  Each with its own redundant power, cooling, and connectivity as well as over 100,000 square feet of workforce recovery space.  The Raleigh facility is built to withstand winds in excess of 132 MPH, reinforced with nearly 1,000,000 pounds of steel and concrete. The 50,000 square facility currently offers nearly 8,000 square feet of raised floor which is expandable to 30,000 square feet.  Each facility acts as a redundant site to the other for all DataChambers services.  Each facility has a minimum of four secure checkpoints for data center entry, requires dual authentication at the perimeter, is escort only within the datacenter, and employs a third layer of authentication to enter the data centers themselves.   Learn More

Tested for Quality
We are SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type II audited and meet rigorous national standards for safeguarding client systems and data.  Outside auditors test DataChambers services, security, and availability annually.  We are the premier data center company in the region. Learn More

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