Winston Salem Data Center

Our headquarters location, founded in 2002, is the only hardened underground data center in the region, providing the highest degree of security and redundancy.  Our 140,000 square-foot facility in Salem Business Park in Winston Salem is as unique as our services.  It features:

DC Corp Hq

Always on

Powered by an onsite Duke Energy high capacity sub-station which is fed multiple points. Equipped with 8 backup generators and 14 separate UPS systems to provide backup power in the unlikely event of an interruption in utility provided power.

Always available

Eight network providers maintain physical points of presence (POPs) directly on their fiber backbone in DataChambers’ carrier hotel, giving our customers unparalleled opportunities for redundant connectivity direct from the most reliable names in transport.  Going still further, DataChambers provides Internet services against four of those carriers via a BGP protocol, ensuring your connections are always available.

Highly Secure

Quality Service

Certified on-site engineers provide 24×7 support in all critical data center areas including data storage, networking, security and device monitoring and management.

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