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It makes smart business sense to move your mission-critical infrastructure to a secure data center that is designed from the bottom up for high availability. Doing so improves business agility, minimizes business risk and reduces total cost of ownership..  DataChambers offers unparalleled protection for your systems, software and data. In Winston Salem, our unique, subterranean data centers are housed in a hardened, blast-resistant bunker. In Raleigh, we offer the only Category 3 Hurricane resistant data center in the region. Each of our data centers are protected by high-tech security and fire protection systems and provide fully redundant power delivery and environmental control systems.  Advanced, multi-path, multi-carrier network capabilities ensure that you never lose connectivity.   In addition, we offer around the clock monitoring and management so we can detect and resolve potential issues before they impact your operations.

To make your move to DataChambers a seamless one, we develop and execute migration strategies that are grounded in industry best practices. Our information technology experts will help you prepare for shutdown and transport, set up your systems in their new home, and ensure your vital services are up and running again in the shortest time possible.





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