Data Protection and Backup

Priced per Node

 Backup Data Without Limits

Focus on your business — Not your backup

In today’s information-intensive world, losing vital data can have a devastating impact on your company and its customers.  DataChambers offers intelligent data protection services that protect you from the unexpected.  Using industry-leading, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, we can encrypt and automate your backups and store them in our private cloud.  Data is quickly and easily restored when you need it via the cloud.

Pay one low monthly fee per node and back up all the data you want.  No overages.  No limits.

Stop limiting your backups.  Stop wondering what this week’s changes will do to your cost.

Back it all up for one low price.


Program Advantages

Flat per node pricing Included
14 day retention Included
Unlimited data storage Included
Initial server and client setup Included
Retention/Version Policy Configuration and Management Included*
Storage Pool Management Included
Archive Management Included**
Scheduling Configuration and Management Included
Troubleshooting Included
24/7 Error Isolation and Correction Included
Daily Reporting Included
Restore Assistance Available


*Retention policies in excess of 14 versions incur additional charges.

**Archive management does not include archive media, handling, or storage.

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