Desktop Management and Support

If your firm is like most, you’ve invested in sophisticated hardware and software to help employees perform at the top of their game – whether they work from headquarters, a satellite location or a home-based office.   But it can be a costly, time-consuming and high-risk venture to keep those IT assets humming.

With desktop management and support services from DataChambers, you’ll have the resources you need to resolve even the most complex hardware, software and performance issues. Our highly skilled technicians work as an extension of your team to help you drive down costs, ensure the continuity of your operations and protect your most sensitive information.

We can track user problems, answer procedural questions, diagnose and troubleshoot issues and escalate complex problems for resolution, whether to your own team or to a DataChambers support specialist. We even help you take a proactive approach to compliance with the industry standards that are critical to success in today’s marketplace.

Our remote management software makes onsite tech support and costly service calls a thing of the past. From our secure network operations center, we can configure your PCs and servers, inventory your hardware and software, install patches, remove spyware, manage power resources and security policies, troubleshoot problems and more.

The DataChambers Advantage

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