Monitoring and Management

DataChambers offers management and monitoring services that can help you get more out of your information technology investment.

IT Management Services: Our DataChambers team can function as your sole systems administrator or work as a 24/7 extension of your own in-house IT staff.  In both instances we are able to deliver a level of support that can be difficult to replicate affordably on your own. We do it all – from managing your servers, firewalls and private networks – to configuring and installing new hardware and software – to maintaining the most up to date anti-virus signatures, patches, and updates.

Proactive Monitoring Services: Our monitoring services are ideal for companies that rely on technology and can’t afford downtime.  Specialists in our Network Operations Center watch over your systems around the clock to detect and resolve issues before they escalate and impact performance.   You’ll experience reduced downtime, improved availability, and higher performance.

We monitor a broad range of mission-critical devices, including servers, desktops, routers, switches and software.  We can even keep an eye on your air conditioning, generators and uninterruptable power supplies.

The DataChambers Advantage

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