Five Compelling Reasons to Outsource IT Services

Do you have the IT support you need to protect your systems around-the-clock and keep them humming? If not, it may be time to consider partnering with a managed services provider. These external partners can function as an extension of your own in-house team or as your sole systems administrator. In either case, you can experience a level of support that can be difficult to replicate on your own.

Managed services providers can remotely monitor virtually any mission-critical device that impacts the health of your operations – from servers, PCs, routers and software to air conditioning, generators and uninterruptable power supplies. They also can manage security, configure and install new hardware and software, administer patches and updates, answer help-desk questions – and more.

Here are five of the many ways you can benefit from outsourced managed services:

  1. Get around-the-clock eyes on your network.  Continual monitoring of your operations is a great way to detect and resolve issues before they escalate and impact performance. But creating a team of your own to monitor your operations 24/7 can be a costly undertaking.  When you outsource IT support, though, around-the-clock coverage becomes an affordable alternative.  A team of experts will have your back at all times of the day and night, giving you peace of mind.
  2. Banish hiring challenges.  IT professionals are a hot commodity, which can make it tough to find and hire the talent you need. The challenge is compounded if you lack an IT background yourself. How can you scratch beneath the surface and evaluate whether the candidate you are considering has the “right stuff”?  With a managed service provider, you can put those issues behind you and leave the hiring to the pros.
  3. Benefit from focusing on what you do best.  If IT is not your main business, is that where you want to devote your time, energy and resources? You likely will find greater payoff if you focus instead on those core competencies that are unique to your company and help you attract new clients.
  4. Make IT support affordable.  As with any service, you pay your managed services provider a fixed fee for the precise level of support you need, helping you budget more effectively.  You won’t have to hire IT resources to support your peak workload – only to have them underused for other periods of the year. Instead, you can free up dollars to invest in your business in other ways.
  5. Drive down risks.  With the right outsourcing partner, you no longer have to worry about protecting your infrastructure and valuable data from hackers and viruses. Instead you benefit from specialists who understand rapidly evolving technology, security standards and compliance issues, and who know how to keep your IT assets safe.